Council Members

Mr. Guido Dalli

Mayor – Responsibilities: Overall operations, Business Communities, EU Funds, Ongoing Projects, Social Integration

Mr. Clayton Luke Mula

Deputy  Mayor – Responsibilities: Culture, NGOs and Regional LC

Mr. Adrian Domenic Ellul

Minority Leader – Responsibilities: Youth, sports and physical activities

Malta’s Commissioner for Youth Services held the role of General Secretary for the National Youth Council in the past. Today, Mr Ellul’s work involves initiatives and services aimed at helping youths at both a local, as well as at a national level. Mr Ellul is also responsible for improving the relationships between the National Youth Council and the Youth Agency. In the past he also held the role of Vice President for MOVE – Progressive Students, as well as the role of PRO for SHS (Studenti Ħarsien Socjali). Mr Ellul also held the role of President of FŻL (Forum Żgħażagħ Laburisti), the Labour Youth Forum in St Julian’s.

Mr Ellul is driven by a passion for working amongst youths whilst encouraging them to be involved in activities surrounding youth leadership and empowerment.

Mr. Martin John Sultana

Councillor – Responsibilities: Bon Ordni, Tourism and infrastructure

Ms. Patricia Camilleri

Councillor – Responsibilities: Education and Social Policy, Innovation and Change

Mr. John Agius

Councillor – Responsibilities: Elderly, Heritage, Magazine

Ms. Rita Dimech Portelli

Councillor – Responsibilities: Public Health and Animal Welfare

Rita Dimech Portelli is in her 3rd term as councillor for the P.N. in St. Julians Council. She is a charge Nurse at the local hospital. She has a B.Sc. (Hons) in Health Science and lately obtained a Master’s in H.R.. Her portfolio includes Health and Animal Welfare, Two subjects which are close to hear heart.

Mr. Sean Gauci

Councillor – Responsibilities: Public gardens/park/shoreline and Micro-mobility

Elected to the Student Representative Council of GCHSS 6th Form in 2016 (47%) and re-elected in 2017 (60%) in the student body elections. He Learned to work as a team with their 6 other student colleagues in the council to organise events and activities for the students of GCHSS and balancing your academic studies with voluntary work.

He practiced public speaking during the annual parliamentary session for youths with National Youth Council inside of the Maltese Parliament. Compiling and debating sets of proposals with regards to issues currently facing the nation with other youths in teams practicing both communication and team building skills.